It’s all about culture


My name is Elisa Jokinen. I’m a second year Economics student and also one of the new members of KY board 2017. My responsibilities include cultural affairs and new students. During the upcoming year I will be in charge of organizing various cultural events for KY members with the Cultural Committee KUVA. I’m also responsible for taking care of new mursus by ensuring they will find KY and land in the community at least ‘til the rest of their studies.

During these one and a half years at KY I have acted as a chairman of NESU-KY and sung with the Academic Female Choir KYN. In the beginning of February I can be seen on the stage of KY-Speksi as well. In the early fall, my second year had just begun and it was already clear that there would be the day when it was time to make decisions for the next year. After a year in a subcommittee I knew that I had just got a glimpse of KY and deeply felt that I was ready to take a bigger step and give back to KY even more.

I have never been afraid of challenges. On the contrary, I truly believe that when hopping off from my comfort zone there is a chance to develop myself. For me, it is a honor to handle the affairs KY is known: being a home for every KY member, its traditions and its broad selection of different kind of events. I’m glad of being able to work for the community and its people with my passion and energy. So whenever stopping by Espilä, don’t hesitate to come and tell me and my fellow board members what’s on your mind. You are the reason we are here.

Elisa Jokinen

Member of the board

Culture, new students