IT-mies – an End of an Era

When I applied for the position of IT-Coordinator two years ago, my biggest motivation for the job was improving and developing better IT & A/V structures and services for KY and the community as a whole. Never in my right mind did I think about how diverse, flexible or open-ended my years as KY’s IT-Coordinator could be.

My typical days at KY are probably the most variant out of all the secretaries and the cliché “my days are never the same” really does apply to the job of the IT-Coordinator. Yes, there are scheduled tasks, meetings and places to be, but there never is a day when unexpected things don’t happen. Usually this job is about prioritizing the “to-dos”, but quite often I’m solving  sudden IT-problems like unplugged power cables or wondering why I just crashed KY’s different websites.

KY also offers ideal flexibility to do the job. You might arrive at work anytime between 9.00 and 15.00 or just develop KY’s websites remotely from home, the choice is more or less yours. When you have to manage the technical stuff of two different campuses this flexibility offers a unique chance to take care of the emerged challenges whenever you’re able to or present at the buildings.

The IT-Coordinator is responsible for making and managing KY’s IT budget. Therefore I also decide what to purchase. What’s great about this is that it’s up to my imagination and intuition to determine what are or what could be the most needed IT and A/V acquisitions for the community. Obviously I work closely with KY’s communications team, office and volunteers, which give me great ideas for potential developments.

As my two years as the IT-coordinator of KY are coming to an end one might ask: “Why did you apply for #onemoreyear?” It really boils down to passion for our community. For example there’s no better feeling than seeing people enjoy and give credit for the lighting & audio atmosphere that I’ve created at Alakertsi. Those moments truly legitimize the work and effort I’ve put into various projects.

All in all, if you want to do a job that offers a great chance for self-improvement and learning, plus you want to experience the exceptional working environment and atmosphere that this student organization provides, I’d recommend this job for you.

Joni Kariluoto

IT-Coordinator, 040 353 8277

The application period for KY Secretaria 2017-18 is open 3.-17.4.2017. Read more here and apply!