Introducing KY’s Academic Affairs

Eeva, member of the board responsible for academic affairs, tells how we here at KY look after students’ rights and how you can affect things yourself.

“Hello, I am Eeva, member of the KY board responsible for academic affairs. Here at KY we look after the interests of students. We meet with deans, vice presidents, the student office and professors. Our goal is to make students’ day-to-day life better, further the appreciation of the degree and react to things before it is too late.

This year we have for example saved a few Swedish language courses, been involved in developing a new CEMS master programme, and influenced the premises at Otaniemi.

One way to affect things are hallopeds, student representatives in administration, who bring the student perspective to business school’s committees and group meetings.

And how can you make a difference at Aalto BIZ? Apply to be a student messenger, take part in the Think Up! survey or let your voice be heard in the FB group ‘Kylterit äänessä kauppiksella’. Together we will make this a top university yet!”