Information on Mursujaiset 2020

8.9.2020 21.58


One of the traditional events for new students, Mursujaiset, is approaching. It has come to our attention that there have been some concerns over the safety of the event due to the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic. 


We want to ensure that our members’ safety and wellbeing are our highest priorities. By organizing the most important events of the new students Orientation, we aim to support the sense of community and familiarization among the new students. We feel that in these exceptional times this is especially important. Our goal is to welcome all of our new students to the KY community and give them a chance to get to know each other and older students while taking the prevailing situation into account. We want to provide the safest experience possible for everyone attending Mursujaiset and therefore have taken several precautionary measures to ensure the attendees’ safety. The event is organized in cooperation with event organizing professionals and their expertise has been a valuable source to us in planning this event. These precautionary measures include:

– Taking care of hand hygiene and offering hand sanitizer throughout the event
– Ensuring that safe distances are maintained both indoors and outdoors
– Providing participants face masks and making it mandatory to use the mask during the part of the event that is held indoors.
– Having personnel in the event to oversee that the safety instructions given by the Finnish authorities, for example those given by Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL), are followed.

We are observing the situation and recommendations given by the authorities carefully, and are ready to take action also during the event day. If seen necessary, we will cancel the event altogether. 


We were approached about this matter by Iltalehti, and the article they published can be found here.


Edit 9.9.2020 11:26

Also Helsingin Sanomat approached us, their article can be found here.