I would fly 4587,3 miles and I would fly 4587,3 more

I’m writing this to you from across the globe, but with a one-way ticket to Helsinki in my pocket: I’ll be working as a member of the executive board of KY for 2017, mainly in charge of KY’s volunteers, community, student wellbeing and representative council elections.

Prior to my current adventure I’ve enjoyed my student days in the Spartan camp of Finnish academic life and extracurricular activities that is also known as the Mikkeli campus. There I devoted my time to working as the vice chair, secretary and academic affairs coordinator of Probba, a member of both AYY’s and KY’s representative councils and a part of various committees and task forces. On the side I’ve pulled through a near-bachelor’s-degree-equivalent amount of ECTS in the domain of International Business.

Now, after taking a breather for half a year and focusing on exploring the Trans-Siberian and Mongolian railways and the wonderland of China, I’m excited to get back at it!

And what a job I have to come back to: I don’t think it could get any better than getting to work full time on something I really care about and something that provides me with a true challenge. It is truly a humbling responsibility to have my personal touch in steering an organization with 106 years of history and worth of 50 M€ built by past generations, and being trusted to use my vision and expertise in building something new for it and keeping it great.

KY is really on the verge of interesting times as new tides are pulling. What I might sum my New Year’s resolutions as would be seeing that throughout these changes KY is the best possible home and organization to its members, paying attention to the very grass-root level member perception.  I’ll work to make sure KY provides meaningful experiences, opportunities and support that reach further than the members already proactively seeking ways to participate.

It’s all about our members, truly, and I’ll do my best to be as available and helpful as I can. Don’t hesitate to message me or pay a visit, I’m already working and available over these dodgy Chinese internet connections, but I will be physically by the sorvi at Espilä office starting 12th of January. From this day onwards, my door is always open!

See you at Speksi-kuntis!

Kaisa Talvitie

Member of the board

Volunteers, community, student wellbeing, elections