Hernesaaren Näädät

Hernesaaren Näädät is the one and only, legendary ice hockey team of KY. Since the beginning of the 90s, the home of Näädät has been the centrally located ice hockey rink of Hernesaari.

Näädät gather together every Sunday at 20:20 to Hernesaari to share their passion for ice hockey. The team plays in the III division in the Helsinki region, and so also has, on average, a game per week in addition to the weekly trainings. Näädät start their season in the beginning of September. Furthermore, the team has several awesome events during the season: for example, a game played against the team of Hanken, played in front of hundreds of students at the legendary Helsinki Ice Hockey Arena.

If you got interested and have some background in ice hockey don’t hesitate to contact the team via Instagram, Facebook or mail: hernesaaren.naadat@gmail.com. Näädät can promise you good times, enjoyable hockey and lifelong friends.