Heidi Riihimäki has been chosen as the New Executive Director of KY

The Representative Council decided to name Heidi Riihimäki as the new Executive Director for KY. Riihimäki will begin her work in August.

Riihimäki is a master’s student in ISM. She has volunteered as a Chair of NESU-KY in 2018, BREKY 2019 and Aalto ISM this year. Additionally she has volunteered in KY-Speksi and NESU Finland and worked as a Student Liaison (Kylli) at Suomen Ekonomit.

The Representative Council was pleased with Riihimäki’s experience in volunteer activities at KY. She has experience in leadership and working with volunteers. Additionally, she has worked in the field of financial administration and budgeting.

The tasks of the Executive Director include acting as a manager of KY’s employees, office operations and facility management, budgeting and other financial operations, strategic planning and public representation as well as recruiting and training new employees. The Executive Director also works as a secretary for KY Board and the Representative Council.

Congratulations Heidi!