Without Hartwall, Finland would be a drier place to live. We offer drinking enjoyment for every situation, we succeed together with our customers, and our activities are guided by the promise of high quality. We seek to inspire, enthuse, challenge, develop, and surprise. We always act responsibly, while remembering to maintain a twinkle in the eye.
We have 700 employees at Hartwall working with the beloved classics and innovative novelties. Hartwall’s best-known brands are Hartwall Jaffa, Hartwall Novelle, Lapin Kulta, Karjala and Hartwall Original Long Drink. We are also a strategic partner of the Heineken and Pepsi brands in Finland.
This year we are launching Hartwall Career Brewery, a new program for graduates. The application period will be open 7.1.-3.2.2019. Check @hartwall_careerbrewery on Instagram to find our more! 
Also, next summer we will hire over 100 summer employees in Lahti and Helsinki. The application period will be open 14.1.-10.2.2019.

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Hartwall Career Brewery
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