Happy International Week KY!

We’re now half-way through the first period of the autumn. Mursus have been getting used to studying in university as well as exploring everything KY has to offer. Older students have started to adjust back to the everyday life as a student after a refreshing summer.

There’s one sure sign of KY’s autumn being in full swing and this – of course – is the fabulous International Week. The week people have been waiting since the end of last KY Week.

International Week gets its name from the international friends visiting us during the week. Right now there are 18 people from 11 different countries visiting KY and Helsinki. During the week they will get to know the Finnish culture by participating a cottage trip, having fun at a sitsi party as well as attending the traditional International Week events organized at KY. However, International Week is a great experience for everyone at KY, not only our international guests. Let’s take a look what this special week is bringing us!

Today, on Tuesday the 4th, is a historical day for our new Mursus. They have received their very own dollar-green overalls at the Overall distribution organized by KUJ.

On Thursday, it’s time to put those overalls to test, as it’s time for their maiden voyage, when KY’s cultural committee organizes the pub crawl III-kierros. During the crawl, you’ll visit the bars in downtown Helsinki while moving around by the trams 2 and 3. Whether you’re Mursu taking your overalls around the town for the first time or more experienced pub-crawler, get your tickets now if you haven’t already! There’s still time to get your tickets as the last ticket sale is organized tomorrow, on Wednesday the 5th, in Otaniemi U-wing from 12 until 14.30. After the crawl, make your way to the after party organized in Club Capital. And if you still after Club Capital have a thirst for more, the cultural subcommittee KUJ organizes the after-afterparty at the KY building from 3 to 6. And remember, this is just the beginning.

On Friday, it’s time to finish up all the work or studying you have piled up for the weekend and get a good rest as the weekend is going to be a busy one.

On Saturday, Sokos Hotel Presidentti will be filled with KY members as KY’s cultural committee organizes Boston Night, the crown jewel of the week. The evening kicks off with cocktails hosted by PwC and continues with a fabulous three-course dinner, great performances and our very own big band Boston Promenade. The afterparty organized by the cultural subcommittee KUJ begins at the KY building’s Alakertsi at 1.

Even though Boston Night must’ve been great, the week doesn’t end there. There’s still one very important part missing to make your International Week-experience complete. What is it, you may ask? It’s of course SILLIS?!?!??!. But what is SILLIS?!?!? Nobody knows. Get your ticket, put your most imaginative hat on and make your way to the buses leaving from the KY building on Sunday at 12. You’ll find out soon enough.

Once again, I’d like to wish you all a great International week! Remember to make the most of it!


This week is also Aalto Wellbeing Week. Coincidence? I think not.


Ville Marchant

Member of the KY board

Culture, Volunteers, Probba ry