Greetings from Kylterirengas, the rep. council group for BIZ students

Rosa_Nyle--nAfter the #KYTKY2015 victory in this fall’s elections our group Kylterirengas is ready to represent BIZ students with our crew of 14 representatives.

In the first meeting we selected the new Chair for the council, Pietu Roisko (ELEC), and this week it was time to appoint his Vice Chairs: Lari Koponen (SCI) and Sameli Sivonen (ARTS). In addition to supporting the chair, the vice chairs will run the group chair’s meetings and the council’s workshops.

One of the most exciting decisions of the end of the year was made also in the second meeting, as the new board of the student union was selected. Milja Asikainen (SCI) was appointed as the Former of the Board, so she had had the opportunity to interview all 18 candidates applying for the board and build the best team possible. Her suggestion was approved, which means that we have a board for the next year! We’re especially happy that KY’s own boy Joona Orpana (BIZ) is going to represent BIZ students in the board next year. Congratulations, Joona! You can read more about the new board here.

Starting next year, we will think of new ways to communicate the council’s and Kylterirengas’s news and actions. At the moment the plans include for example blogging and asking you, BIZ students, about your opinions on topical issues. If you have any ideas on how to reach BIZ students better, feel free to contact us!

Until next time,

Rosa Nylén
Chair of Kylterirengas
+358 414680457