Grammar, projects and social media

It feels weird now to think that exactly one year ago I was reading the blogs from the previous KY Secretaria and thinking if I should apply for this job. The past months working at KY have definitely been something to remember – I have learned a lot, challenged myself, spend hours working at Avokonttori’s sofa, met amazing people, got new friends, laughed (a lot), cooked our traditional tuesdaypastas and explored moments I’ll be happy to look back after this year.

But what my job as KY’s PR & Press Officer really consists of is the question to be answered here.

Each Monday I start my week by checking out what’s happening at KY during the upcoming week and then summing it all up to our weekly newsletter, Monday Mail. Normally I’m done with this around at noon and we go and have lunch with other secretaries to catch up what have happened during the weekend. Sometimes after the lunch I have to head to KY Building as I’m also one of the three service secretaries and as we have service hours at Töölö on Mondays and Fridays. 

Social media is something I need to have my eyes on everyday at work. Each day I’m going through our social media channels to stay updated what is going on there. The amount of notifications I get is huge like a giraffe, but I have kind of got used to it – nowadays if there happens to be a day with only few notifications I’m almost worried if everything is fine with Facebook.

During the year I have couple of bigger projects to work with; Career Catalogue, KY Guide and the annual report of KY – the first one to be worked with in the autumn and the last two ones during the spring. Regularly I get other texts to edit too so I need to handle both English and Finnish and be good at spotting the grammar mistakes. With the board member responsible of communications we also plan and try to figure out ways to improve KY’s communications. Additionally, I’m also the one who offers the helping hand to KY volunteers if they have any questions considering communications.

From the beginning of the year I have also been a secretary of Masters’ Club as it became the fifth committee of KY. It has been fun to work with Kalle, the board member responsible of master’s students and the chairman of Masters’ Club, and I’m really looking forward what kind of events we manage to arrange with this amazing group of 13!

Hilda Ruuskanen

PR & Press Officer

hilda.ruuskanen@ky.fi040 353 8279

The application period for KY Secretaria 2017-18 is open 3.-17.4.2017. Read more here and apply!