Glamour, long nights and hard work

If someone had told me year ago that at this moment I would be organising one of the coolest events at KY, Wappukuntis, I wouldn’t have believed that. I already had a long KY career behind me: I had been a member of the Cultural Subcommittee KUJ and the Cultural Committee KUVA and been part of the 2015 production of KY-Speksi. Therefore I was certain it was time to focus on school and graduate. However, here I am, keeping KY’s culture alive and vibrant, working as the Secretary for Cultural Affairs – or more familiar, Kultsi – and haven’t regretted a day!

There are two reasons which make this job so rewarding and awesome. The first one is of course the job itself. As the Secretary for Cultural Affairs I offer KY’s members counterbalance to their studies and everyday life, and create a sense of community and pride to all of us at KY. On everyday basis this means that I’m responsible for the daily tasks in my sector, such as budgeting and payments. I make sure that everything runs smoothly in the background and that there are resources such as money and a place to make the events happen in the first place.

This also includes working with Elisa, the board member responsible for cultural affairs, and the Cultural Committee KUVA. I help Elisa to lead the committee, and support the twelve committee members trying to make their work as smooth as possible. In addition, I help and take care of KY’s subcommittees in their work. Basically, I’m their go-to person in whatever problems or questions they have. Subcommittees are the single biggest volunteer actors at KY and their motivation for the good of our community is amazing. That’s why it’s important they have someone to look after them.

On top of everything, I’m the one responsible for kuntikset. Kuntikset are one of the most traditional part of KY’s culture and rather big events to organise. Even though not all of them have big artists performing, there are various things to take into account and different actors to coordinate. Kuntikset are the most biggest individual work task I have. Also I’m one of the three service secretaries that help all KY members in KY related matters.

The second reason is the KY community. KY is a unique workplace where you get to spend your days with the best coworkers you could wish for. Everyone at the KY Office does their job with passion and from their heart, which makes the atmosphere so one-of-a-kind. We’re all one big family, and there hasn’t been a dull moment with the other secretaries. We have a lot of official events we attend but we also create our own happenings just for the sake of fun and to spend even more time with each other. All the afternoons I’ve spent laughing at Avokonttori, the lifelong friendships I’ve made, and the precious memories I have, have made being Kultsi the best experience of my life so far!

Saara Kolari

Secretary for Cultural Affairs, 040 353 8276

The application period for KY Secretaria 2017-18 is open 3.-17.4.2017. Read more here and apply!