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KY aims to provide the best student experience around for our members. Our goal is that everyone feels welcomed in our community, and that our students can thrive without having to worry about concerns regarding student life. However, sometimes student life can be full of struggles, whether it is with managing your time and energy in the middle of all the responsibilities, finding your group of friends, experiencing inappropriate behaviour by other students, taking care of legal and financial issues or something else.

Here you can find contact information from KY, AYY, the School of Business and other parties to get help and support with anything related to student life. You can also check KY’s Code of Conduct here.

With concerns regarding your studies, visit or contact our board members responsible for academic and educational affairs.

We also strongly recommend you to check Aalto’s Starting Point of Wellbeing for professional advice and guidance on services related to wellbeing.

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Being overwhelmed or stressed out

Juggling academic responsibilities, student life and possibly work on the side can be overwhelming and require too much energy with no time for sleep, friends or for yourself. You might feel like you are drowning in all the responsibilities and like your to do -list is never-ending, and there’s no way to handle it all. In that case, you can contact Aalto’s study psychologists who can help you with study-related issues such as concentration problems or motivation, your programme’s course coordinators for advice how to structure your school work, or head over to Nyyti to find advice on anything from procrastination and time management to sleep and healthy habits.

Unwanted or inappropriate behavior

KY has zero tolerance for any kind of harassment, bullying or inappropriate behavior. At KY, everyone is equal no matter the religion, race, gender, sexuality or age. Even small cases count, and what is considered harassment is subjective and context-reliant, so don’t hesitate to get help and advice.

In case you feel like someone has acted inappropriately or offensively towards you, you have all the right to tell the person to stop. You can contact KY’s board member responsible for wellbeing, your study tutor, or contact KY with an anonymous feedback form. AYY’s harassment contact persons provide you with confidential and professional counsel, and remember there are also university chaplains if you just want someone to talk to. You can contact the party you find most natural, and no action is taken without your consent.

By contacting us, we will take appropriate cautions related to the matter. Discussion with the offender acts as a first warning, and ongoing inappropriate behavior or severe cases can result in a three month ban from KY’s events or in extreme cases, expelling from KY. Remember to write down what happened, when and who was present and to keep all relevant documentation.

Mental health issues

Mental health is just as important as your physical health. Mental health problems can be a real impairment for your study success as well as managing your student life. At least every 1 in 5 of Finns experience some mental health related problems during a year, so you don’t need to feel like you are all alone struggling with any issues regarding mental health! Getting help is crucial before symptoms get more serious, and the best way to do so is to book an appointment with Finnish Student Health Service, but you can also talk with the university chaplains and visit Nyyti to have someone to talk to or get information and advice on mental health.


Sometimes it’s hard to find your community or you might feel like you are all alone despite all the people around you. With severe feelings of loneliness you might want to contact Finnish Student Health Service or go and talk with the university chaplains, but attending different low-barrier events organized by KY, AYY and Aalto is a good way to meet new people that might become your life-long friends. If you find it hard to socialize, you can get advice on social skills from Nyyti. And remember that if none of the existing projects caters to your interests or fits you, you can always get support from KY to start something completely new!

Legal issues

KY’s legal advisor Matti Marttunen assists students in legal matters in confidence. The service is free of charge for KY members. The legal advisor is on duty once a week on Thursdays 16.00-18.00 at the KY Building. Exceptions are announced here on and on Facebook. You can also reach the legal advisor via email at or call 040 353 8280 during his service hours.

In addition, Suomen Ekonomit (the Finnish Business School Graduates) offers legal services to all members of KY: If you are concerned about a legal issue related to your employment relationship, you can contact the legal counselling services of the Finnish Business School Graduates. Our legal counsels advise you every weekday at 9–12 without appointment, tel. +358 20 693 205. You can also make an appointment in our booking calendar:


If you feel burdened with financial matters and need help, you can contact Kela or check first their quick guide for students. There are multiple options for students to finance their studying time so there should be something suitable for everyone.

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AYY harassment contact persons

If you have witnessed harassment or experienced harassment yourself, you can contact AYY’s trained harassment contact people at or at The service is confidential and your email will only be sent to the harassment contact person.


Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS)

Health services for students who have paid the student union membership fee for the current study period, mostly for free or at least with student-appropriate pricing. Mental health services are included!



KELA is a Finnish social security service that provides financial aid to students in addition to other services. To find more information, visit their website or check out KELA’s quick guide on students’ financial aid.


KY Board member responsible for wellbeing

If you want more information on issues concerning student life, or want to report of inappropriate conduct, you can always contact KY’s board member responsible for wellbeing.


KY’s legal advisor

KY’s legal advisor Matti Marttunen (, 040 353 8280) provides advice on legal matters to all KY members and is on duty at the KY Building on Thursdays from 16:00 to 18:00.



From Nyyti you can find help with managing the different areas of your life from procrastination to social skills, as well as information and advice about mental health.


Starting point of wellbeing

Aalto University has a starting point of wellbeing, where you can find different personnel from psychologists to university chaplains with drop-in services for you. It is located in room Y199c (Otakaari 1) and you can find the timetables and further info from here.


Study psychologists

Aalto’s study psychologists are happy to help you with study-related matters such as concentration problems, lack of motivation and other issues you might have with handling your studies.


Study tutors

You can contact study tutors on smaller study-related issues and also in cases of inappropriate behaviour by emailing .


University chaplains

For confidential discussions on anything you can think of, the university chaplains are there for you without needing to be a member of the Church. They are trained to discuss and help you!


Remember that our staff will be happy to help you in any matter!

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