From the board: Year of challenging myself

Hi everyone, I’m Milla Parviainen, I’m 22-year-old and I’m a 4th year student of accounting in Aalto BIZ. Next year I will be in KY board responsible for new students, sports and I also have a new job, taking into account the master’s students in KY’s actions.

I decided to apply for the KY board already in the summer, after having discussed with Henrik, a former board member and the current chair. The whole time that I have studied in Aalto BIZ, KY has been really important to me and I have made a great deal of friends, gotten experiences and possibilities to develop myself, and it was time to take the biggest step. The timing was just right, as I was about to graduate with my bachelor’s degree and I was not afraid to take a year off from school.

Earlier in KY I have been doing all kinds of things. I had an amazing time during my mursu year in the subcommittee KUJ’s board and as a NESU active and I continued to organize some kick-ass parties and events in the Cultural Committee. During my 2nd and 3rd year I was also a vice member of the Representative Council of KY. Last spring I didn’t do anything at KY as I travelled to Mexico for my exchange, which was one of my greatest experiences so far.

What I am going to do next year in practice is working closely with several KY actors, including the Tutor Committee and Master’s Club and of course my own committee, Sports and Wellbeing Committee. In KY office my closest partners will be Liisa, the Secretary for Clubs and Societies and another board member, Ville, as we both take care of the community of KY.

Even though I’m a bit of nervous, I’m sure that next year will be full of meeting new people, challenges and overcoming them, outdoing myself and attending a bunch of great events. What I am looking forward to is really seeing the impact of our work in the everyday life of KY members, the way that I have seen KY has already had an impact on mine.

See you at the office!

Milla Parviainen
Sports and Wellbeing, New Students, Masters