From the board: The story behind a tall man

I’m a 4th year economics student and I am 22 years old. On my spare time I like to take photographs and to play sports. Especially I like to play hockey and go to the gym. I also follow hockey quite often.

In KY board 2016 I’m the Vice Chairman and I am mainly responsible for the premises in Otaniemi and Töölö and generally focusing on the long period facilities in Otaniemi. I also have other responsibilities like economic affairs and ownership steering (aTalent).

Earlier at KY I have been in the Cultural Sub-commitee (KUJ), Communications Committee (VEE) and in KY-Speksi, where I was responsible for corporate relationships. I have also been a vice member in KY’s Representative Council between 2013–2015 and will continue as one after this year.

I have enjoyed my time at KY and learned a whole lot of things. During my years here, I have also met a lot of interesting and fun people. In the KY board I want to offer same kind of experiences and possibilities to other volunteers. I also felt that KY board would be the natural next step for me and I feel like have a lot to give to this community. There are also numerous other reasons why I applied and I can not tell which was the strongest, all I know is that this is what I really want ☺

Last year I was doing my military service so I’m really excited for the upcoming year. I expect that next year will be over in a flash. There will be lots of good memories, possibilities to grow and to develop yourself and opportunities to help KY become an even better place. Mostly I look forward to continuing the work Siiri has done so that we could have amazing facilities in Otaniemi in the future!

Joel Leinonen
Vice Chairmain of the Board