From the board: Real things

Hello, this is your new kopo speaking. My name is Juho Paavola, I am a fourth year student from the ISM program and I will be responsible for the academic affairs on KY board next year. My KY background includes a subcommittee year in NESU-KY, Communications Committee, KY United, tutoring and International Week Team, as well as sitting in the Representative Council meetings. About a month from today I am going to invade the stage as an actor in KY-Speksi.

I know from personal experience that most of you have practically no idea what it really is that I will be doing. Thus, here is a short introduction to my role.

In the academic sector things may not happen overnight. An important part of my role will be sitting in the right tables (I am the official student representative in several teams, working committees and task forces), being active and showing that KY and its members care about the development of the school, the university and the community. Step by step, we will work to improve the conditions for our students, and when someone comes up with a destructive idea, we will be there, stating that it will not do.

However, for the most part the objectives and ambitions of students and the school are very similar. One of our goals this year is to look for new ways to deepen our collaboration with the school in every sector. Hopefully we can find new ways to reach our common goals together.

My role also contains other important issues. I am running the Round Table for Subject Clubs, the main mission being to ensure that all the important information and ideas run smoothly between the subject clubs and KY’s office. Besides, I will be responsible for campus matters, so if there is something wrong with the school’s premises, my job is to do everything to get the problems solved.

To wrap it up, if you feel that something school-related is not working, please contact us. In academic affairs, there is no such thing as “too much information”.

Juho Paavola
Academic Affairs