From the board: Now or never

For the last two years I have been wondering whether I should apply for KY board or not. However, this year the answer seemed obvious – I had to take the chance. At the moment I’m finishing my exchange semester in Bangkok and I can’t wait to start the job. Sometimes you have to go far to see close.

I’m Julia and I will start working as a member of the KY board in the beginning of January. My responsibilities include communications, KY brand and KY alumni. This is my fourth year of studies and I’ve done the last credits for my bachelor’s degree in marketing while on exchange. In my master’s I will major in communications. At this point of my studies I believe I have a lot to give to KY, but there is still a lot for me to learn.  

When I came to KY three and a half years ago, little did I know how much it had to offer. My KY path begun as an active member of NESU-KY where I found most of my now closest friends. The second fall of my studies I was a tutor which encouraged me to apply to Tutor Committee. Funny fact, one of my mursus worked in my position in the KY board the previous year – the tables have turned. In Tutor Committee I was responsible for exchange students. Last year I was a part of the Annual Ball Committee, which was probably my favourite KY responsibility so far.  

Being on exchange has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I decided to apply for KY board to see if next year could be even better. By communications I want to participate all members to interaction to create a common KY. This is important especially now in the situation of three campuses. My selfish reason to apply was to learn more about communications and I believe there is no better place for learning than KY. Having found out who were selected to be in the board, I knew immediately this year would be about doing great things while having the time of our lives!

Julia Österlund
Communications, Alumni