From the board: KY is renewing its brand – stay tuned

Happy KY Week folks! The theme of this week has made me reflect upon the meaning of the two letters K and Y. They stand for much more than just a student association, symbolizing more than its events or the community. They mean different things to different people yet somehow they bring people together. The most important question is, what do they mean to you?

Since last summer the Brand Crew has been trying to find out what the KY brand is built upon – where we are now, where we want to be in the future and how this could be pursued. This group of six people has discussed these subjects with both internal and external advisory boards and mirrored the results to KY’s strategy, our most important guiding tool. Their findings indicate three key aspects of how KY brand could be positioned. Before making any decisions, however, we need your opinion.

According to the results, KY offers its members possibilities and a sense of community. However, KY is also seen as a somewhat separate actor from its members – in simple terms, “KY is a rich but distant dad who offers money and sets limitations”. Naturally, we’d like to be more than this, as the basis for any brand work is the concept that KY represents its members on all three campuses.

In the Aalto community KY is currently seen as a bit distant, uncooperative actor that is closed to outsiders. However, other Aalto students see that business students’ strengths are in networking – perhaps KY could play a role in uniting the Aalto community? Historically, KY played an important role in driving the economy – although our members still play a part in this, their achievements aren’t emphasized as much as they could be. Could KY borrow a page from its own past and, once again, contribute to Finnish society?

Finally, we want to raise discussion about our official name. The discussion first started because our English name, The Association of Economics Students in Helsinki, was seen as misleading as only a few of us actually study economics. As conversation went on, we realized that our Finnish name doesn’t accurately represent all of our members either and therefore, it might be rational to change all three names – Finnish, English and Swedish – at once. With campuses in three cities and only a minority of students based in Helsinki, the current name may be misrepresentative. All three versions of the names suggested are listed below. Changing our name would actually take us back in time, identifying with our school, rather than the city. Tell us your opinion or suggest your own!


Current name:

Helsingin kauppatieteiden ylioppilaat

Association of Economics Students in Helsinki

Helsingfors ekonomistuderande


Suggested name A:

Aallon kauppatieteiden ylioppilaat

Aalto Business Students

Aalto ekonomistuderande


Suggested name B:

Aallon kauppatieteiden ylioppilaat

Aalto University Business Students

Aalto universitetets ekonomistuderande
Whether we end up changing the official name or not, we will always be called KY. Join the conversation on the Facebook group KY Today and answer the survey!