From the board: Greetings from cultural affairs!

Hello everyone! My name is Ville Marchant and I’m a second year business technology student here at Aalto BIZ.

Last August, just a few weeks before my second year of studies was about to begin, I started thinking about what my next academic year would bring me. At that time I was still acting as the chairman of NESU-KY, one of KY’s three subcommittees. I’ve had a blast the whole spring and I was sure that the autumn would bring me a lot more great moments and challenges. However, I was not at all sure what I would do besides my studies after my year at NESU-KY. The only thing I knew was that it would have to be something related to student organizations and KY. A lot of different options crossed my mind but after a while I had made my decision: I am ready to give even more to this great community so I decided to take the leap of faith and apply for the KY board of 2016.

I eventually got elected and here I am: a member of the KY board of 2016, cultural affairs, volunteers and Probba, as my main responsibilities. With these responsibilities I will, for example, be acting as the chairman of KY’s Cultural Committee KUVA, handle various affairs related to our great group of active volunteers and help our Probba friends in Mikkeli with their KY related matters.

I have great expectations for my coming year at KY. I’m sure that during the year I will spend many long nights planning, organizing and attending events. I will face many new challenges and go out of my comfort zone. However, the thing that I’m the most looking forward to is all the great people I will get the honor to meet and know during my year. So if you are wandering around the KY office in Espilä, feel free to come and say hello!

Ville Marchant
Cultural Affairs, Volunteers, Probba