From the Board: Future of KY and Aalto BIZ premises in Töölö

Valtteri, board member responsible for educational affairs, talks about the future of Aalto BIZ and KY premises in Töölö.


“Hi! My name is Valtteri and I’m in charge of Educational affairs on KY executive board.

There has been a lot of talk about Otaniemi but what does expanding to two campuses mean to Töölö?

Arkadia building will be reorganized and the studying spaces at the bottom floor will go out of use on may 21st. In the autumn Rooftop Learning Hub will be changed to function as a 24/7 studying space that students can enter with their own keycards.

There are also changes in the KY Building. KY Lounge will be removed after this spring. Multiple party  and meeting spaces will however remain in the building for the use of KY members.
Don’t worry Töölö, you will not be forgotten.”