From the board: Being a tutor at KY is awesome!

Search for tutors started again and it ends on March 2nd. Did you know that out of all the Aalto schools, tutoring is best organized at Aalto BIZ and KY? Or that ARTS is benchmarking our system? As the person responsible for new students in KY board, I’m really happy about the fact that tutoring at KY is considered fun and appreciated.

I was a bachelor level tutor myself in 2014. Everyone who has been a mursu knows the feeling of being a little lost when starting their studies. Tutors have a crucial role in introducing mursus to the studies. They also have a great impact on how mursus see student life. What is both challenging and rewarding is that mursus have different backgrounds and also their wishes for the studies in Aalto BIZ vary. In order to be a great tutor, you’ll have to be ready to answer all kinds of questions either about KY or interdisciplinary studies in Aalto.

Being a tutor is not only about living your mursu year all over again, but it gives you skills and knowledge you can use in your working life, too. For me, being a tutor was the first experience on how to lead a group and it taught me to guide and motivate people and to coordinate between tight schedules.

Of course, being a bachelor tutor was also a lot of fun as you are responsible for the unforgettableness and success of welcoming new BIZ students to our school. For me it included getting soaking wet at an Otasuunnistus checkpoint … and learning to do a forward roll! However, what I enjoyed the most was getting to know a lot of people I did not know yet. As a tutor, you’re guaranteed to get to know other tutors and mursus – contacts who might be priceless in your future life.

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Milla Parviainen
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