From the board: And so the journey begins!

As the last year was nearing its end, I stopped for a moment and started thinking about my future. After one year at KY’s executive board, I could finally focus on finishing my bachelor’s degree, get a job or even start a new hobby. It all changed after a lunch with my friend who asked me this one question: “Have you thought about applying for Chairman of the Board?” This question started the mental chain reaction of soul searching and counting pros and cons. As I am now writing this text, it might not come as a surprise which path I choose for the year 2016. I took a chance for the second time, I decided to give this year for KY. And damn, I am excited!

My name is Henrik Kekarainen. I’m a fourth year economics student, and KY’s Chairman of the Executive Board for the year 2016. My past KY experience consists of KUJ, a couple of years in KY-Speksi and last year I was a member of the KY’s executive board responsible for cultural affairs, volunteers and finance. If one could get credits for KY activity, I would probably be close to graduating (still hoping to achieve that one in a couple of years…). Still I don’t regret one day at KY!

Even after one year in the executive board, I feel like there is an enormous amount of learning ahead. Exciting challenges, interesting new people, long days and endless amount of deadlines. It feels like I am looking at the same picture but from another angle. Someone might ask if I was afraid. Hell yeah! But this is the best thing KY has to offer – a place to embrace challenges, to develop and learn. And moreover, to be able to do all of this with the most incredible and inspiring people. I hope I can give my board as fantastic year as I had as a board member. Best memories and achievements are the ones experienced together. I have no doubt that this year’s board will take KY forward and give everything for this community. I am excited and inspired to get to work with these people. I have a feeling that the year 2016 is going to be awesome!

It is time to take a few deep breaths, embrace the challenges and let the new journey begin!

Henrik Kekarainen
Chairman of the Board