From Culture With Love

I feel like I’m still in a dream even though I have been the Secretary for Cultural Affairs already since last August. KY’s culture, events and this community of amazing people have been dear to me for years now. My KY career has included for example KUVA, Annual Ball Committee and Tutor Committee, and as someone enthusiastic about student life I was beyond excited when I started working at the KY office.


As Kultsi I’ve had the chance to do things I’ve never done before. It is the best feeling in the world when your work is something you love and you have the possibility to improve and change things for the better while at the same time cherishing the old traditions. This job is often quite hectic and you juggle with different events and projects at the same time. To be a Kultsi you need have dedication for the culture and do this with your whole heart.


It isn’t always very clear to our members what we actually do at the office, so just for example what my work tasks have included lately: organizing Hukkaputki afterparty by sending emails to Apollo about the schedule of the evening and the technical needs of the performers, reserving a space for Boston Night next autumn and planning its budget, checking Annual Ball payments, ordering Wappu overall badges and Rännirannekkeet and of course starting to organize the fabulous Wappukuntis.


We have weekly meetings with the Cultural Committee KUVA. I help our KUVA volunteers often with practical matters on how to organize thing x at event y among many other things. Together with my partner in crime Kia, the board member responsible for culture, we guide our committee and brainstorm ideas concerning the cultural sector. Though coordinating culture seems sometimes quite impossible, it is more like trying to control a lovely organized chaos. In addition, I’m responsible for budgeting, making payments and checking that things run smoothly.


Also, once or twice a week I’m a PaSi. Being one of the three in charge of the member services means stuff like giving keys for the premises and the van, answering the service email and selling KY products. Being a service secretary goes together well with Kultsi responsibilities as you get very familiar with all our premises and you are aware what is happening at KY.


Sometimes during this year I have felt like I’ve been living and breathing culture 24/7 – but I’ve loved every second of it. Being Kultsi is a perfect place to take a deep dive into KY life. Now that the recruitment for the next year has begun, I realized how incredibly fast time has went when you’re having fun. With the interesting work tasks there are countless number of great memories: unforgettable evenings, cabin weekends and the friendly and cozy atmosphere at Espilä.


I know for a fact that this experience is something I’ll fondly reminisce still after many many years.


If you have any questions regarding the job feel free to ask me or just come to Avo to say hi!


Kia Tuominen – Culture, New Students, Volunteers: Walking into the office and making my way into the corner of culture, where I and Nora sit, definitely makes me smile every single day. Having a partner in crime with whom you can act as a shepherd for KYs culture and traditions, as well as have the craziest new ideas possible is pretty much the dream. All the hours spent planning, organising or just catching up on our days is something that I already cherish, even though we have plenty of them left.

Having Nora there to lead our Cultural Committee (KUVA) with me is one of the highlights of my year on the Board of KY, and I would not give up a second of it. Among KUVA, my favourite moments are the ones that we spend being the support and safety of KYs three sub-committees (KUJ, NESU, SUB), and seeing the change and help we can provide on daily bases.


Nora Jarner

Secretary for Cultural Affairs (in 2019-2020 the same position will be Culture Producer), 040 7013803


The application period for KY employees 2019-20 is open 2.-16.4.2019. Read more here and apply!