About us

The Foundation for Business Students in Aalto University (KY Foundation) aims to further the societal, social, professional and intellectual goals of students in the Aalto University School of Business, as well as those related to studying and the student life.
KY Foundation brings the student body together and implements its mission by financially supporting the students’ leisure activities, cultural and sports events, as well their studies and the prerequisites thereof.

The highest decision-making power is mainly held by KY Foundation’s board, which is in charge of overseeing the foundation’s operations and representing the organization.

The operations of KY Foundation are guided and monitored by the foundation’s supervisory board, which is KY’s Representative Council.

KY Foundation’s Managing Director is Juho Paavola.

Elected officials

Chair of the Board:
Antti Perttula

Student members of the Board:
Iiro Halinen
Aura Hemminki
Rasmus Mäkinen
Rasmus Ylinen
Niko Ylä-Poikelus (Chair of the KY Association Executive Board)

Advisory members of the Board:

Harri Hiltunen (Vice-chair)
Petri Ala-Härkönen
Johanna Juujärvi
Jani Nokkanen
Ira van der Pals
Kaisa Vikkula

Supervisory Board:
Arttu Lääkkölä (Chair)
Kim Jokinen (Vice-chair)

Application times

Yearly activities 22.2. – 28.3.2021

1.1. – 31.12.2021