Wappelit 2017 KYssi x KY-ski



“Highlight of the Wappu of Love 2017” – Romantic

“Fun!” – KYssi-fan

“Open bar?” – Curious Mursu 16′

“S#*t rocks yo! – Anonymous

“Such bad” – Bulls and Minxes

KY’s Wappu escalates to a whole new dimension as the KY’s two most (more or less) sporty clubs join forces❤️️💜💙

BOOOM!! KYssi’s traditional WAPPELI games get continuum this year accompanied by the notorious KY-ski! WOW!! This festivity will contain KYssiesque high jinks, KY-ski’s after-ski foolery, hits to the sweetpoint, heated scrimmages, sweatbands, BøENTHøE, and of course doughnuts!🏓⛷😮  The celebrations start at the Baana, and as the night gets colder, continue to Alakertsi. By popular demand, the prices have been cut. We’re offering an OPEN BAR(!!!) for ONLY 12€! BOOYAHH!

Baana will act as a venue to this event, where the racket- and afterski-folk will get to enjoy sunshine, music, table tennis, and basketball accompanied by the most traditional clubs of KY (BYOB). Coming to spin the records are KY-ski’s beloved partners, REDBULL’s boys, who’ll surely raise the WAPPU-mood to the skies 😉  KYssi’s and KY-skis’s tricksters have organized all kinds of fun activities to the after-games. Endless boenthoe-buffet, KYssi’s wheel of shots, KY-ski’s B*NTH*-TWISTER, ascents, descents, rackets, balls, and LOVE💜💙

The theme for the party will be the ever so nostalgic 90’s🏄🏄 Dig up your old Filas and Adidases and kick off your Wappu right in the sun💜💙 Tickets 13.4 from the U-wing KaBOOOOOMm!!

WHAT: WAPPELIT (maygames) + AFTER-GAMES 28.4.

OPEN BAR?: Claro que sı

HOW MUCH?: Games at Baana 0€, After-games 12€


WELCOME Wappu’s fiercest❤️️ Love: KYssi and KY-ski





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