Syksyn lauluilta


Let’s take it back to the days when the very first Formula 1 competition saw the daylight, when the first satellite was launched to the space and when Elvis and his dance moves filled every girl’s daydreams.

Let’s jive and rock ‘n roll like it was the 50’s all over again!

Syksyn lauluilta will be the first KY’s lauluilta ever held in Otaniemi and therefore every KY member is welcomed despite the class. So all mursus, bachelor’s and master’s students: click the link above to get you ticket for this incredible time travel! Tickets include a three-course meal with beverages, an unforgettable evening full of singing and of course the after party also held in Saha.

Never touched Kiljukaula or afraid of not knowing KY’s singing culture?

PICTURE ’15 aka KUVA’15 aka the Cultural Committee of KY this year has got the solution! Kiljukaula (KY’s own songbook) will be sung through one week before this event at Saha. Read more and make an investment for the time of your studies here:

WHAT: Syksyn lauluilta
WHERE: at Saha (Konemiehentie 1, Espoo), after party will be held there as well
WHEN: on Thursday 5th of November at 18.00
DRESSCODE: 50’s + Cocktail
PRICE: 12€



Ticket sale will be closed on Tuesday October 27th.

The event is held in Finnish.




Culture, Otaniemi