Masters’ Club and Hanken Masters’ Committee present: Sitz of the High and Mighty

This academic year draws quickly towards its inevitable end. Yet, the joined forces of the SHS Masters’ Committee and KY’s Masters’ Club have one final trick up our sleeve: a closing sitz on May 21st, of which stories will be told for generations to come!

This epic event will have the delightfully fitting theme of “powerful people” – both those still alive as well as long-gone legends who made their mark in history in one way or another. Come as the defiant conqueror Alexander the Great, the tenacious politician Angela Merkel, or why not as the ruthless gangster Scarface? In troubled times like these it is good to keep in mind that the people in power have oftentimes remained rock-solid even when it has seemed like all hell is about to break loose. So, leave your worldly troubles behind and join this one-time gathering of icons for a night of feast, celebration, and universal scorn of peasants and rabble!


WHAT: the Sitz of the High and Mighty
WHEN: Saturday 21st May, cocktails at 19, sitz at 20. Afterparty approximately at 23
WHERE: Casa Academica (Hietaniemenkatu 7)
PRICE: normal ticket 15€ / VIP ticket 30€ (afterparty only: 5€)
TICKET SALE AALTO (TÖÖLÖ CAMPUS): 11th, 12th and 13th May, noon and 2pm breaks
TICKET SALE HANKEN: 4th May, at 11.45 – 12.30 (After this tickets can be bought from the Hanken IB bookstore)
FOR WHOM: Master’s students at SHS and KY, also avecs
THEME: Power, money and fame