PreManta 2018

There’s no better way to get ready for the capping of Havis Amanda (Manta) than attending the legendary PREMANTA hosted by KUJ! Get in the Wappu mood by arriving at Alakertsi on May Day eve. Alakertsi will be filled with festive atmosphere and, of course, balloons. The fantastic Boston Promenade will be performing live. You also have a chance to get your own puuhapullo!

WHAT: PreManta 2018
WHERE: KY Building, Alakertsi
WHEN: 30.4. from 12 to 16
DRESS CODE: Overalls
PRICE: 6 €
TICKET SALES:  The ticket sales start on Monday 16.4. at 12!/events/82caf4b3-34ae-4f23-b40a-f67419be7c27

This event is included in the KY Ränniranneke.





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