Piste Consulting Night 2016

Do you now that Consulting is one of the top sectors that employ ISM/BT graduates? Do you have what it takes to land a career in this industry? On 24th November, Piste is proud to host our annual Consulting Night with the presence of Accenture, Sofigate and other top employers in the industry.

The event will give the chance to obtain understanding about the tasks of professionals, see whether the industry is the right fit for you, experience consulting’s recruitment process and especially build networks towards your dream placement in one of the top consulting companies.

Participants will be allocated into workshops where you can practice case solving and learn useful tips from company representatives. The evening is topped off with a fine dinner, wine and other refreshments.

The event is FREE-OF-CHARGE, but due to high demand and limited available spots, registration is binding. If you need to cancel your registration, kindly inform us 24h prior to the event. Otherwise, you will be charged with a 20€ NO-SHOW FEE.

Participating companies: Accenture, Sofigate, Affecto, TBA
Time: 24th November, 6pm
Location: KY-House Yläkertsi (3rd floor, Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21)
Registration link: https://goo.gl/forms/PXzY0SQwj0yuSo522




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