NESU-KY: Halloween- sitz

Alcatraz is one of the most secure prisons in the world. Situated on a small island off the coast of San Fransisco, it was designed to be a prison from which no one could escape with their life. Then, on October 26th of 2018, something unbelievable happened.

It’s cold, dark, and eerie. The howl of the wind can be heard from the sea as you walk through the halls of the prison with only a knife in your hand. The walls are lined with little cells of cold concrete and rusty steel. You check that the cell doors are locked and make sure that you have everything you need with you for your fateful journey. You keep walking, and soon you step in something wet. You lean in closer, and the foul stench of blood fills your nose. In that moment you know, that you can never escape this place. In your fear you’ve dropped your knife, and a panic comes over you. You turn around to try and look for it, but soon find that you’re not alone. Theres a crowd of empty eyes and blank expressions standing in front of you, and you can’t tell wether you’re any different from them. You know, that something truly sinister is lurking in the night.

You run. You run for your life. In front of you is a staircase. You make your way down the stairs, when something in front of you stops you dead in your tracks. This isn’t the first time you’ve been here. You’ve run into the basement, and theres no way out.

WHAT: NESU-KY’s Halloween sitz
WHERE: KY-building, Alakertsi
WHEN: Friday 26.10.
TICKETS: 16.10. (More info coming soon)
PRICE: 15€
DC: Overalls + Halloween





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