NESU-KY: El Dorado – the City of Gold sitz

“They came for the gold. They stayed for the adventure.”

El Dorado is the city of legends. Thought to be in the northern regions of South America, and rumored to be built entirely out of gold, El Dorado has remained hidden for centuries. The city is shrouded in mystery… Does El Dorado exist? If so, how can it be found? What tales of legend take place in the lost city?

The journey is said to be more important than the destination. The path to El Dorado is a tale of perseverance, trust in your peers, and many sleepless nights. The path can be unforgiving and deceitful, but the toughest might just reach the golden city. And who knows, maybe once your journey comes to an end, you’ve found something more valuable than gold. Something, that you’ll never let go.

El Dorado come and play
El Dorado step this way
Take a ticket for the ride
El Dorado streets of gold
See the ship is oversold
You’ve got one last chance to try

WHAT: NESU-KY: El Dorado – the City of Gold
WHERE: KY-building, alakertsi
WHEN: Friday 7.12. at 18.00
TICKET SALES: 27.11. at 12.00. More info coming soon
PRICE: 17€
DC: Overalls + the City of Gold



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