NESU-KY: Club Lagoon -etkositsit


Winter’s hottest sitsi party is here!

Put on your coolest beach clothes and forget the freezing cold winter for a little while. Come and enjoy the heat of Alakertsi before heading to the biggest summer party of the winter, Club Lagoon!

WHAT: Club Lagoon -etkositsit (
WHERE: KY Building, Alakertsi, Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21B
WHEN: Thursday 28.1. at 17:45
DRESSCODE: Overall + Beach
PRICE: 10€
TICKET SALES: (from 11.00 to 14.00)

U-wing ticket sales only on I and II lecture breaks

-18.1. Aalto BIZ, Otaniemi, U-wing
-20.1. Aalto Arabia
-21.1. HY main building ja Aalto TKK main building
-22.1. HY Haartman ja Aalto BIZ, Töölö
-25.1. Aalto BIZ, Otaniemi, U-wing
-26.1. HY Porthania ja Aalto TKK main building

AFTERPARTY: Club Lagoon, The Circus (

Notice that you have to buy a different ticket for the afterparty.




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