Mursujuhlat 2018

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August 31st:

It’s Friday morning and you have just arrived at the main campus. You and all the others around you are guided to the lecture hall nearby. You sit next to new faces. A bunch of people are at the front of the lecture hall telling you a lot of new information, but you realize that most of it didn’t get stick in your mind.
After a couple of hours, you are told that it’s finally time to meet your tutor group. Your whiskers are wobbling because of the enthusiasm and excitement when you realize that, this is the first day of the amazing autumn that is ahead of you, even though you have no idea what it will keep inside…


Well, well, well! Hello Mursus! We have officially passed the halfway of the autumn. So much has been experienced, but so much is still ahead! Now it is still a good time to stop for a moment and look back to the beginning of the academic year. KY’s Cultural Committee KUVA and Tutor Committee want to welcome all the Mursus and tutors to celebrate the end of the Mursu-autumn!

The agenda of this night is to get together with your tutor group, hopefully not for the last but at least one more time! This event will be held at Smökki and the doors open at 7 PM. At Smökki, we have a possibility for you to play some beer pong and later in the evening KY’s very own band aKYstic will lead you to the right party mood!

There will be some snacks and drinks, but we hope that the tutor groups would get together before this event, for example, to eat together. We also recommend you to take some of your own drinks with you.

We have arranged an extra bus departure for this night, HSL’s bus number 551N from Tapiola to Kamppi. The bus leaves from Tapiola at 2:20 AM, so it will be at Otaniemi bus stop about 2:27 AM. This will be shown also at Reittiopas.

Tickets will be sold at Holvi and the ticket sale starts on Monday 29th of October at noon. Ticket sales at Otaniemi campus (U-lobby) will be held on Monday 29th of October and Tuesday 30th of October at 12-13:15.

WHAT: Mursujuhlat
WHERE: Smökki (Jämeräntaival 4, 02150 Espoo)
WHEN: Thursday 15th of November at 7 PM
DRESS CODE: Overalls
PRICE: 6 euros
TICKETS: Link to the online shop will be published in this event on Monday, October the 29th at 12 o’clock. Ticket sales at the Otaniemi Campus (U-lobby) will be held on Monday 29th of October and Tuesday 30th of October at 12-13:15.




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