Mursujaiskuntis 2017

You can practically feel the waggle of fresh walrus mustaches in the air – the new Mursus are here!

On Thursday September 14th these tiny Baby-Kylteris are going to flock to The Circus nightclub. Senior Kylteris, put on your overalls and come check out this season’s fresh new rutkulas!

Doors open at 21:00 and entrance is guaranteed with the KY student card (also Frank App), so remember to take it with you! Also remember to upgrade to the brand new sticker if you haven’t already. New students get in with their Mursujaiset wristband or with a stamped university payment receipt. Mursu’s meat is best served fresh, so make sure to be on time!

This year’s Kuntis is going to be boosted to a completely new level with a variety of amazing performers. From KY we have our own DJ trio Saattue and dance group KYppendales who will set the stage on fire! After that the spotlight is given to Seksikäs-Suklaa, Dosdela and Vg+ and after that to RUUDOLF & KARRI KOIRA!! The rest of the night your dancemood is taken care of by Simo Pukkinen (known e.g. for PTNKY’s Broiler Room)

So come enjoy the fantastic night – and student-friendly prices- on the day that all Mursus will remember for the rest of their lives.

True Kylteris don’t stop at the final call but continue to the legendary after party at KY’s Alakertsi hosted by KUJ. Be ready to take in the all-dayer and help Mursus to achieve the right to call themselves SUPERmursus!

WHAT: Mursujaiskuntis
WHERE: The Circus (Salomonkatu 1-3)
WHEN: 14th Sept at 21-04
PRICE: Free entrance, coat check fee 3 € (The event is for KY members only, entrance only with the latest KY sticker or Mursujaiset wristband)
DRESSCODE: overalls
AFTER PARTY: 03-06 @ KY’s Alakertsi by KUJ