Mursu Gala

–This event is held in Finnish —

Mursu. You may not have forgotten the feeling of arriving at the U-wing on Monday after having a blast with your tutor group on the first day of the Orientation Week. You most probably felt relieved when heading to look for your tutor and familiar fellow students, since you already met them at the very same place a few days ago. Now it’s time to reunite with your tutor group and head to the familiar meeting point once again!

For the first time, KY’s Tutor Committee and Cultural Committee KUVA invite you to experience an unforeseen spectacle, which takes place at the premises of Aalto University (Is that even possible?). After arriving at the U-wing and enjoying a glass of bubbly, you may have a seat in the U2 hall and let the Gala steal your attention. The Gala itself consists of a first-class program that doesn’t leave anyone cold. In addition, you may simultaneously learn something new about the committees and other actors in the Aalto scene.

Instead of preparing your overalls, pick your best cocktail dress or finest suit and get dolled up for the evening. Even though the evening starts with a whole new concept, no traditions have been put aside. This is guaranteed by the after party in Saha, where the program continues with the traditional tutor rituals. The tutor, tutor trio as well as the mursus of the year will also be awarded there accompanied with loud applause. In addition to the traditional part, the stage will be hit by the rhythmical cover band of KY, aKYstic – and other performers that will be revealed later!

Tutor. It’s time to gather your mursus together again (at least) one more time and come to experience a new and exclusive but still traditional evening together. The best way to ensure an unforgettable experience to the whole group is to gather the price of the ticket from your mursus and buy the tickets for the whole group.

The event is meant for all the Bachelor’s tutors and their mursus and the official ticket sale of the event opens in Holvi on Tuesday, November the 7th at 12.00.

Also make sure you remember to vote for the tutor, tutor trio and mursus of the year 2017. The link to the voting system will be added to this event a bit later.

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WHAT: Mursu Gala – the ultimate endpoint of your Mursu fall
WHERE: U2 hall in Otaniemi Campus (Otakaari 1 M), the after party will be held at Saha (Konemiehentie 1)
WHEN: On Friday, November 24th at 18:00
TO WHOM: Bachelor’s Tutors and their mursus
PRICE: 5 €
TICKET SALES: On Tuesday, November the 7th at 12.00.




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