M!B Kick-off 2016

Getting tired of studying alone? Had enough of the cold Finnish winter? Craving to taste snacks from your home country/country of your exchange? Ready to meet new people and hang out with old friends? Welcome to M!B’s Kick-off 2016!

We invite You to bring yourself and a piece of another country to an international soiree at Yläkertsi.

You are warmly welcome to participate in a night of international snacks, meeting the new M!B board and getting to know your fellow students. This is a great opportunity for mursus to get to know about the studies and people within management studies.

WHAT: international Kick-off2016
WHERE: Yläkertsi, KY building
WHEN: February 5th, from 7pm onwards
WHY: ‘cause the more the merrier!

M!B will offer some snacks and drinks, but your own treats are more than appreciated!

-M!B board 2016




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