KY’s Wappu Parade 2018

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The best time of the year to be a student is finally here again!

Wappu is getting closer every day. Now at the latest is the time to start a countdown for the springs most colorful fest! Do you remember the feeling when you put your graduation cap on at Havis Amanda together with your fellow students last year? Or is this your first student Wappu ever? Either or let’s get ready to celebrate as big as or even bigger than ever! This Wappu will be unforgettable!

As always, KY will have many events near Wappu. After the previous week’s events, this Wappu will also culminate in the May Day eve. First Wapputerassi and PreManta will warm you up to a right Wappu mood. After that KY will once again show how to make a amazing entrance! KY’s own Cultural committee KUVA will lead you to Havis Amanda in a parade!

The parade will start at the front of KY Building and will continue its journey through the center of Helsinki straight to the Market Square where the Havis Amanda (Manta) will be capped. Cultural committee will lead the happy party people to the Manta in the traditional way, with the truck pulling us towards Espa.

Before the parade, KUVA will be in NESU-KY’s Wappu terrace so come to say hi for us!

This is one of the unforgettable moments you will have, so this is something you don’t want to miss!

PS. Don’t forget to use KY’s official hashtag of Wappu #KYwappu2018

WHAT: KY’s Wappu Parade
WHEN: Monday the 30th of April at 16 o’clock
WHERE: From KY Building (Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21) to Kauppatori (the Market Square)
DRESSCODE: Wappu + overalls
PRICE: Nothing! The parade is free for everyone!

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