KY’s Wappu at Ullis 2018

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After the Wappu events of the previous day and night it’s time to continue Wappu! The traditional May Day at Ullis (Ullanlinnanmäki) gathers up all the students and other Wappu people together to Ullanlinnanmäki in Helsinki.

This year KY will have four tents at Ullis. All of the subcommittees will be there and also one tent from the KY office. The tents will be there from the morning onwards and some foods and drinks will be served for the party people! A map that shows the locations of all KY’s tents will be published in this event a bit later, but they will be near each others.

This ultimately the most traditional Finnish way to celebrate May Day so this is something you want to see!

PS. Don’t forget to use KY’s official hashtag of Wappu #KYwappu2018

WHAT: KY’s Wappu at Ullis
WHEN: Tuesday 1st of May, starting at 6.00 a.m.
WHERE: Ullanlinnanmäki, Helsinki
DRESSCODE: Wappu + overalls
PRICE: Nothing!

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