KY’s 106th Annual Ball

Welcome to KY’s 106th spectacular Annual Ball!

Aalto University Business Students (KY) celebrates its 106th Annual Ball in glamorous Wanha Satama. The celebration takes place on the 25th February 2017 and the festivities will begin with a toast at 18.00.

The programme of this traditional celebration then continues with a delicious three-course dinner. The party follows academic traditions so there will also be speeches, performances and awards. After dining, Boston Promenade will step on the stage and the fabulous ball can begin.

The unforgettable evening will however not end there. After dancing and celebrating to your heart’s content in Wanha Satama, the party will continue with Cultural Sub-Committee’s (KUJ) afterparty in the KY building. We have naturally organized transportation to the afterparty to make the celebration continue as smoothly as possible. You are warmly welcome to celebrate KY’s 106 fantastic years!

DATE                   25th February 2017, 18.00
VENUE               Wanha Satama, Pikku Satamakatu 3-5
DRESSCODE     Full evening dress / white tie, academic medals of honour
PRICE                  75€ for KY members / 120€ for others

The tickets to KY’s 106th Annual Ball will be sold on the 1st February at 9.00 in KY building’s 3rd floor. KY’s official queuing rules apply and KY members should be prepared to present a valid student card with a KY sticker in the ticket sales. The price of the event is 75€ for KY members and 120€ for others. We strongly encourage you to pay in cash but we do also accept card payments.

You can also get your tickets to some other KY week’s events at the same time as KY’s Cultural Committee (KUVA) will be selling tickets to KY Kuntis (8€) and the Cultural Sub-Committee (KUJ) will be selling tickets to Sillis (20€). All those who purchase a ticket to the Annual Ball have a pre-emption (etuosto-oikeus) to Sillis tickets.

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