KY:n Wappukuntis 2018 feat. Tungevaag & Raaban

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Time’s running up, tick tock..

After the days celebrations it’s time to bring your own parade to Kaivohuone, and end the day with Scandinavias top DJ duo, TUNGEVAAG & RAABAN! You definitely don’t want to miss out on their energetic show hitting the stage at the most anticipated party of the year. As usual, KY’s Cultural Committee KUVA will be there with some refreshment to make sure your energy levels stay intact.

Tickets to Wappukuntis cost 23 euros, including the coat check fee.

The tickets will be sold

in Otaniemi U-wing at 13
Wed 11.4.

both in Otaniemi U-Wing and in Töölö Aalto BIZ Main Lobby at 11-14

Tue 17.4.
Thu 19.4.

If you want to get the full on KY Wappu experience, the RÄNNIRANNEKE bracelets will be sold for 34 euros on April 11th at 13 in Otaniemi U-wing. This sparkling ticket will let you skip the line at Kaivohuone and also includes tickets to KYmppisuora on April 26th and KUJ’s PreManta on April 30th. KY’s official queuing rules ( apply for the bracelet sale, so they are only sold to KY members and the maximum number for one buyer is 2 pieces.

WHAT: KY’s traditional Wappukuntis
WHERE: Kaivohuone, Iso Puistotie 1
WHEN: 30th of April at 21-04
FOR: Everyone!!
PRICE: 23 euros, including the coat check fee. Small amount of tickets will be sold at Tiketti after the actual school sales. The online link for the ticket sale will be published on the event later on.

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