KYN: Loitsut concerts at 3 pm and 7 pm

“They empower, they tell, they build”

KYN conducted by Kaija Viitasalo –  the choir of the year 2016 and #6 in female choir’s world ranking – is once again treating its audience with something unforeseen. In October, director Janne Marja-aho and KYN  turn Loitsut (Incantations), a suite composed for KYN by Jukka Linkola, into a stage performance that combines music, movement, lights and livevisuals. The suite, originally composed a cappella, is colored with a vibraphone played by Panu Savolainen. The vivid world of Loitsut is created in the industrial setting of Kattilahalli with the lights designed by Mika Venhovaara and the livevisuals made by VJ Hellstone.

I have visited the Lake Superior area in Michigan a few times. When reading the runes and songs written by the local Native American tribes, images of the love of nature and sparkling humor appeared in my mind in a very vocal way. Further, when studying old Finnish runes I found characteristics similar to the North American ones, and our expressive, ancient language”, Linkola tells about the creation of the Loitsut suite.

The music in Loitsut is full of joy, playful expression resembling the life itself, as well as simple, plain beauty. Loitsut is a praise for the nature and the human being, all the miracles and incidents of everyday life, work, and – of course – love.

Kaija Viitasalo
Panu Savolainen, vibes
Music Jukka Linkola
Direction Janne Marja-aho
Lights Mika Venhovaara
Livevisuals VJ Hellstone


Kattilahalli (Sörnäisten rantatie 22, Helsinki)

  • 3 pm, doors 1.45 pm
  • 7 pm, doors 5.30 pm

NOTE! “Makers tell about the piece” discussion sessions 45 minutes before both performances

Duration 1 h
Age limit: none



From the singers and at the door:

25 € basic ticket
20 € students, unemployed, pensioners, conscripts
15 € children 7-17 yrs, groups of 10 people or more
40 € basic ticket + album package
35 € ticket + album package for students, unemployed, pensioners, conscripts
30 €  ticket + album package for children 7-17 yrs and groups of 10 people or more

From Tiketti 42,50/37,50/32,50/27,50/22,50/16,50 €

Buy tickets to 3pm performance and 7 pm performance!


You can also buy a ticket + album package including the entrance and KYN’s Outo kantele album that will be released in March 2018. The album consists of Loitsut suite performed in Kattilahalli and the 7-piece Outo kantele suite composed for KYN by Jukka Linkola. The album is starred by vibrafonist Panu Savolainen, accordionist Johanna Juhola and pianist Kirmo Lintinen. In this package, you get the album with the early bird price 15 € (normally 20 €)! The album will be posted to any address you wish in Finland without any dispatching costs in March 2018.

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