Male Choir KYL’s Info Evening + Quartet Competition

Fed up with singing alone in the shower? Eager to release your inner talent right from the big stages? Want to retune your rusted golden voice?

Helsinki Academic Male Choir KYL arranges an info evening at Saha in Otaniemi for everyone interested in singing and male choir life. You can join the event no matter whether you are a mursu, Nth year student or just into choir activity. Earlier singing experience in a choir or a vocal group is not necessary.

After the information part, the evening goes on with a quartet competition which is open for everybody to stay to listen! Quartets consisted of choir members will be challenging each other with brilliant performances and unique song choices. This is the right place to check if the choir activity IRL is the same than in the orations…

Auditions for the choir are arranged on Monday the 25th September and 2nd of October at 17.00-18.00 at Business School’s Töölö main building, staff restaurant Proffa. More information available at:




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