KY-Speksi 2016: Messias-protokolla

You’re surrounded by other people’s chatter. The curtain is closed and you still got some sparkling wine left. It’s almost time to find your seat and sit down. The curtain will rise soon. Welcome on a journey that will take you to completely new experiences!

KY-Speksi is back again: bigger, better and more fresh than ever. This year’s team has poured its soul and body into the production that is completely different compared to previous ones. Welcome to see KY-Speksi 2016: Messias-protokolla!

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Ticket sales at the school:
Otaniemi 10.45-12.15 & 13.45-14.15
Töölö 11.30-12.15 & 13.45-14.15

Tue 26.1. Otaniemi U-wing
Wed 27.1. Töölö Main Building

Mon 1.2. Otaniemi
Tue 2.2. Töölö Main Building
Wed 3.2. Otaniemi
Thu 4.2. Otaniemi

Mon 8.2. Otaniemi
Tue 9.2. Otaniemi
Wed 10.2. Töölö Main Building
Thu 11.2. Otaniemi
Fri 12.2. Töölö Main Building

Mon 15.2. Otaniemi
Tue 16.2. Otaniemi
Wed 17.2. Töölö Main Building
Thu 18.2. Otaniemi
Fri 19.2. Töölö Main Building

Sat 6.2.
Wed-Fri 10.-12.2.
Thu-Fri 18.-19.2.

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Sponsored by: PwC, Helsingin Ekonomit – HEKO, KY-säätiö, EMU, Helsingin Tanssiopisto, Punanaamio ja Froosh