KY Culture Month


— These events are held in Finnish —

Already wondering what to do next after Autumn Festival? There’s no need for that, since we’ve planned it on behalf of you by spicing up your fall with a few high-quality cultural events. In other words, KY Culture Month is here once again!

This autumn you will be delighted by two different and, above all, awaited events thanks to KY Culture Month organized by Cultural Committee KUVA. First of them is Vive!, this year’s Fyysikkospeksi, which leads the audience to the roots of the French Revolution. The show will be on Tuesday October the 31st and lasts approximately 3 hours including the break. The tickets justify to sit at a parquet in an affordable and discounted price, which is 13,50€ (normally 15€). All of the reserved seats will be next to each other, so you may enjoy the show with your friends as well. You may check the event here:

The registration form to Vive! Fyysikkospeksi is already out and stays open until Tuesday October the 17th. You may find the form here:

The second spectacle offered just for you is an unique performance created by KY’s Male Choir KYL, Dancing Group KYppendales and a video artist Sellekhank. This show is known as “Koivu and Täh”, which is a strongly modernized version of the classic tale of Z. Topelius and contains a timeless but important message. The performance will be on Sunday November the 19th and lasts approximately one hour. You’ll find more information about the event here:

The enrolment link to Koivu and Täh will be published in this event on Wednesday October the 18th and stays open until Tuesday October the 31st.

Please note that there are only a limited amount of places (20 places) available for both shows. We will fill the places according to the enrolment order so be fast in order to ensure your place at these two spectacles! The enrolment is binding and a verification plus the payment details will be sent to you by email.

Both of the events will be held in Finnish.

WHAT: KY Culture Month
WHERE: Culture area Gloria, Pieni Roobertinkatu 12-14 (Vive! Fyysikkospeksi) and Espoo Culture Centre, Louhisali (Koivu ja Täh)
WHEN: On Tuesday October the 31st (Vive! Fyysikkospeksi) and on Sunday November the 19th (Koivu and Täh)
Enrolment: The enrolment link will be published in this event on Wednesday October the 11th at 12.00 sharp (Vive! Fyysikkospeksi) and on Wednesday October the 18th at 12.00 sharp (Koivu ja Täh)
WHY: Because culture lives and does well 😉





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