KY All-Stars Lauluilta

all stars4

This event is held in Finnish, but international students are also warmly welcomed!

Come memorize your beloved KY times and celebrate with your classmates!

KY’s Cultural Committee KUVA invites all the Stars to crawl into the loving care of KY building (at least) one more time and sit down to be entertained. A delicious three-course menu and some cold refreshments to boost the atmosphere are included in the price.

When the songs have been sung and the drinks drunk, the lights of Yläkertsi will get dimmed while the after party takes over.

The event is open for KY members from 4th year up and alumnis.

WHAT: KY All-Stars Lauluilta
WHERE: Yläkertsi, KY building
WHEN: Friday April 15th at 6 pm
PRICE: 15€
TICKETS: sold out




Culture, Töölö