KY All Stars-lauluilta


This event is held in Finnish, but international students are also warmly welcomed!

Those good old KY times! They’ve left behind so many great memories that will never fade away. However, even the best memories need to be refreshed sometimes and what would be a better way to do it than together with your classmates.

KY’s Cultural Committee KUVA is once again happy to invite all the Stars to the birthplace of many precious memories – also known as KY building – to celebrate and sing in a great company. The tables of Yläkertsi will be surrounded by joyful folks and familiar songs will echo in the air throughout the evening.

We’ll also time travel back to the nostalgic 90’s, so it’s time to dig up your old pieces of clothing from the bottom of your wardrobe and unleash your inner 90’s kid!

A delicious three-course menu and some cold refreshments are, as usual, included in the price. When the midnight approaches, the dance floor will be full of cheerful celebration while the after party takes over.

Please note that the event is open for KY members from 3rd year up (instead of 4th) and alumnis.

Check the Facebook event here:

WHAT: KY All-Stars Lauluilta 2017

WHERE: Yläkertsi, KY building

WHEN: Friday May 12th at 6 pm

DRESSCODE: Smart Casual with a 90’s twist

PRICE: 15€







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