KUJin kyydillä Pikkulaskiaiseen

The sledding hills of Turku are calling! Pikkulaskiainen is turning 25 and Turku’s Puolalanpuisto has never been more festive! You, too, could be going fast towards Turku on the KUJ adventure bus! The purpose of the trip is to enjoy the sledding culture of Turku to the fullest. River Aurajoki is already within your sights. The busses depart from the KY house at 10.45 am with sleds on board and return to the same place with or without the sleds. Our after party in Turku will be held in Monkey.

WHAT: Pikkulaskiainen at Turku
WHEN: KY House February 4th At 10.45 am
RETURN: Buss will depart from Turku at 03.00 am and returns to the KY house at abut 06.00 am
PRICE: 30 € (includes the roundtrip, event tickets and the after party)

**The bus runs through Otaniemi so one can hop on at the address otakaari 11 near the Alepa store. The bus should arrive at 11.00-11.15.

Ticket sales:

Monday 25th of January and 1st of February from 10.45 am to 11.15 pm and from 13.45 pm to 14.15 pm
Wednesday 27th of January from 11.45 am to 12.15 pm and from 14.45 pm to 15.15 pm

One must be over 18 to participate.