KUJin kyydillä MRT:lle 2019

Will you survive the notorious Mikkeli Road Trip, and return in one piece?
Or will you be buried under ice and snow?

The MRT checkpoint event and afterparty will be a challenge even for the bravest of us. Jump into KUJ’s bus and travel to the snow-covered Mikkeli to find out if you’ll become one of the few MRT survivors.

WHAT: MRT, Mikkeli Road Trip 2019
WHERE: KY Building – Mikkeli – KY Building
DEPARTURE: 9.3. at 11.00 am from the KY Building.
RETURN: 10.3. at 01.00 am from Mikkeli. The bus will be back at KY Building around 04.00 am.
The bus will also stop at Otaniemi (Otakaari 11)
DRESSCODE: Overalls + Ice Age
PRICE: 35€ (includes the roundtrip, event, an overall badge, drinks at non-bar checkpoints, food during the tour and an afterparty ticket to Vaakuna before 24.00)
TICKET SALES: On Wednesday 13.2. in the U-wing lobby from 12.00 to 13.30
Maximum of two tickets per buyer.

Mikkeli Road Trip 2019 ICE AGE