KUJin kyydillä Kauppakadun Approon

Let’s start the pub crawl season, shall we?

Kauppakadun appro is here again to lighten up your fall! One of the biggest pub crawls of the year will take you to the heart of Central Finland and into the city of Jyväskylä! Gather up your friends, grab your overalls and hop on KUJ’s ride!

The bus departs from the KY-building at 11:30 and stops in Otaniemi at around 11:50 and then heads straight for Jyväskylä! As per usual, the bus ride will be filled with fun activities and KUJ will make sure that your trip won’t be boring!

WHAT: Kauppakadun Appro
WHERE: From KY-building to Jyväskylä and back
WHEN: The bus departs 5.10. at 11:30 from the KY-building and stops in Otaniemi around 11:50. The bus departs from Jyväskylä at 03.00 and arrives at the KY-building at around 06:00 on the following morning. The bus also stops in Otaniemi on the return trip.
PRICE: 33€ (Includes the bus rides, the event ticket, and the afterparty ticket)
TICKETS: 27.9. 13:30 – 15:00 in the U-wing of Otaniemi


Facebook link: goo.gl/TWLwo6

Kauppakadun Appro event: goo.gl/3rbBpS