Kevään lauluilta

kevään lauluilta

KY’s Cultural Committee KUVA invites you to put on your nicest dress with your favorite dancing shoes and come to Saha. There you will enjoy KY’s traditional singing culture alongside with a delicious three-course meal and some cold refreshments.

After the singing and eating in good company, the after party will be held at the same place. There we will be entertained by KY’s own aKYstic!

All KY members are warmly welcomed despite their year of studies. This is a good opportunity for the mursus to get to know KY’s singing culture and the older students.

WHAT: Kevään lauluilta
WHERE: Saha (Konemiehentie 1, Espoo) after party will be held at the same place
WHEN: Thursday March 24th at 18
DRESSCODE: Cocktail with a touch of spring
PRICE: 15€




Culture, Otaniemi